Sunday 8:00 AM – Organist & Song Leader
Sunday 10:15 AM – Incense, Choir, & Organist


Sundays7:40-7:50 | 9:40-10:00 AM
Holy Days – 4:55-5:15 PM

Reverent Worship, Helpful Teaching, Dedicated Community

Welcome to the newest Roman Catholic Mission in Jacksonville!

Saint James is a community of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter which was established by Pope Benedict in 2012 in response to Anglicans who asked to bring their communities and liturgical and pastoral traditions back into the Catholic Church. Here at Saint James you will experience an unrushed, prayerful Mass and sacred music that brings out the best of Anglican choral tradition, the magisterial fullness of the Catholic faith joyfully explained, and a vibrant community life that is welcoming to all ages. Join us and be part of the team that shapes and constructs this mission parish to serve generations to come.

Meet The Pastor


I grew up as a devout Evangelical Protestant. I had (and still have) a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, which provided me with the foundation for my unexpected journey ahead.

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Meeting at the Mandarin Community Club

12447 Mandarin Road Jacksonville, FL 32223 

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Building Updates, Scapular Enrollment, Parish Dinner

Building Updates, Scapular Enrollment, Parish Dinner

Dear St. James Family, We had fun this past Monday celebrating the Solemnity of St. John the Baptist! There were a good number of Catholics who experienced for the first time, the Anglican patrimony within the Mass and we received good feedback. Afterwards, we went to...

Second Sunday after Trinity

Second Sunday after Trinity

Dear St. James Family, This past Sunday we celebrated Corpus Christi, a solemnity that focuses on the tangible presence of Christ in the symbols of bread and wine. As Catholics, we believe that these symbols are even more than symbols in that they become the Body and...

Trinity Sunday, Corpus Christi, Building Faith At St. James

Trinity Sunday, Corpus Christi, Building Faith At St. James

Dear St. James Family, This past Sunday I was privileged to welcome into the Church Mesha Adams (veil) and Diane Adams (purple dress). Below is a picture along with Jessica Adams (black dress) who sponsored both of them. Although this day was years in the making,...