Meeting for Mass at the Mandarin Community Club 

Address: 12447 MANDARIN RD, JACKSONVILLE, FL 32223

Meeting Location

Like most Catholic missions that begin without their own building, St. James is currently meeting for Mass at the Mandarin Community Club. St. James rents this building on Sunday morning for Mass and on holy days of obligation. However, if you drive by another time of the week, you will not see any St. James signs up since other groups may be using the building during that time.



There is plenty of room for parking on the gravel lot immediately next to the building or in the grassy field that stretches beyond the gravel. 

Wheelchair Ramp

Also available on the side of the building immediately next to the parking, is a wheelchair ramp that leads up to a side door in the building. 

Worth the Drive?

Good liturgy, vibrant community life, and helpful preaching is valued by those who attend Ordinariate communities and is worth the few extra minutes of travel time. The average parish commute for an Ordinariate member is 45 minutes. It is only once a week after all, and probably not much different than your commute to work. 

If you are not yet ready to commit weekly, consider making St. James your place of monthly pilgrimage as some of our attenders do. Or make plans to participate in the liturgy for big feast days such as Christmas, Candlemas, Ash Wednesday, Annunciation, Easter, Ascension, Corpus Christi, and Michaelmas. You will be glad that you did.