Dear St. James Family,

I missed being with you this past Sunday. As you know I was away taking in a bit of respite with the family. We had a nice time visiting beautiful Providence Canyon, Stone Mountain, and Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Monastery. We also attended Mass at a local parish outside of Atlanta, which made me very much miss the energy, life, and liturgy that we have at St. James. I am grateful to Fr. Ernie and the team for taking care of everything last Sunday and I am looking forward to being back with you this Sunday.


A good number of you, I am sure that I will see this Saturday at the new space. Be sure to check out all of the details below including the picture below of an artists rendering of the proposed altar area.


This Sunday I’m going to be preaching about an ancient, yet simple prayer practice, that will allow you to consistently hear God’s voice. Come join us 🙂


News and Announcements

Beautiful Easter Day Mass. Thank you to the Dedicated People of St. James!

Easter Day was truly a splendid liturgical experience celebrating our Lord’s resurrection. The schola, which has been meeting and practicing with great diligence, sang with beauty and splendor to fit the occasion. A special thank you to the crew that transported our liturgical gear (altar, statue, kneelers, vestments, child area, etc.) to the Hardage-Giddens Chapel and back to the Mandarin Community Club. Thanks also to the team who arrived at 6:00 AM or earlier to get everything set up. A special mention of our adopted family over at Hardage-Giddens for so generously allowing us to use their chapel and for taking such great care of us, even providing us with refreshments after each Mass. It is such a blessing to be part of such a wonderful, hardworking, and dedicated community. Thank you.


Congratulations to those who Recently Became Catholic at St. James

On March 31st at the 8:00 AM Mass I had the privilege of welcoming into the Church through the sacrament of baptism, Justin Sobolewski. At the 10:15 AM Mass I welcomed into the Catholic Church and confirmed Haitham Habib, Bella Myers, and Lee Setzer. For many months now, these individuals have been discerning, praying, and studying in preparation to make the decision to come into the Catholic Church. Congratulations and welcome!


Lease Update: Interior Design and Asbestos Remediation

Our architect delivered to me the second draft of drawings for the renovation of the space that we will be transforming. This Saturday I am planning to meet with him to iron some final details that the contractors will need. Once the drawings are done, we can obtain more accurate bids from the contractors and finalize who will be overseeing the job.

Due to the generosity of one of our families, I was able to meet yesterday at the space with one of the most sought after interior designers in this part of the country. This meeting was helpful in bringing together the riches of our traditional patrimony as it comes to sacred art, in a cohesive way so that everything fits beautifully together. In addition, she offered some great tips on ways to budget intelligently without sacrificing beauty. I’m very excited about how these plans are turning out and the expertise that the Lord is providing in this process.

The asbestos testing results came back positive. The popcorn ceiling is composed of ten percent asbestos and must be removed. I’m awaiting bids back from the various contractors. Once the asbestos is taken care of, we can then apply for a demo permit to remove a good number of walls in order to open up the space. Thank you to those of you who have already let me know that you would like to help with demolition work.

Thank you for your prayers as continued financial support as this project moves forward. They say that the permitting process can take three to four months or longer, however, God willing, I’m hoping we can begin using the space by Christmas.


Fundraising Snapshot for Leased Building Transformation

Rough Goals for the New home for St. James (numbers may change once we get more accurate bids on the work – currently we only have ball park figures):

  • $10,000 average monthly giving needed to cover operating expense: Complete

  • $30,000 in reserves (three months of operating expenses): Complete

  • Phase 1: $126,188 raised for phase 1 of buildout: walls, plumbing, electrical, floors, chairs, lights. Complete (Though much of the work will be completed by licensed contractors some of the DIY projects that we plan to complete ourselves include demolition, painting, flooring, trim work, and blowing insulation into the attic, which will save us $35,000. If you would like to help, please email or use the Contact Us form.) 

  • Phase 2: $19,620 signage, kitchen, landscaping, sacristy, advertising, bathrooms Complete

  • Phase 3: $9,161.11 of $25,320 raised for stove, advertising, votive stands and vestibule beautification

To learn more or to support the new leased building transformation out, visit



Upcoming Events

Come and See Our Plans for the New Space on Emerson St., Jacksonville this Saturday

On April 13 at 4:00 PM you are invited to come and see how we are planning to transform our newly leased building. Though it doesn’t look like much right now, I will be painting a vision for you of how we are going to bring sacred beauty to the space to serve as a highly effective tool of evangelization in order to draw many every closer to our Lord and his body, the Church. We bring a rich patrimonial tradition of sacred art with us back into the Church and you will begin to see some of this in the plans for the building. Though, we are limited by space and budget and the fact that this is only a six year lease, the goal is to give, through what we do with this building, glimpses of what is to come when we own our own permanent church building in the future.  


Workshop:  How the Bible Came Together |  April 17  | 6:30 PM via Zoom

Are you curious to dig into the roots of belief? Learn how the Bible, the most influential book in our culture, was assembled and how this points to a united family of God. This is a great opportunity to experience a highly praised, engaging presentation, led by Fr. Mayer, designed to bring us together around this Holy book that is so loved yet misunderstood by many.   Please RSVP by Sunday, April 14, to in order to  receive the Zoom link.  Participation space is limited, so please RSVP as soon as possible to assure your spot.


Women’s Prayer & Breakfast | April 20 | 9:30 AM

The secret of happiness is to live moment by moment and to thank God for all that He, in His goodness, sends to us day after day.” -St. Gianna Molla

Connect and enjoy a morning out with the women in our parish. The monthly Women’s Prayer and Breakfast meeting is Saturday, April 20th, 9:30am-11am at Beach Diner Mandarin, 11362 San Jose Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32223. We’ll be learning more about the life of St Gianna Beretta Molla.  Please text or call Cathy Messina, 415-205-9705, if you can attend so we know what size table we need.


Welcome Dinner | April 21 | 4:00pm | History, Vision, Be A Part of the Mission

This dinner is a great opportunity for those who are interested in learning more about the history,  vision, and people of St. James and would like to possibly become members of the community. It will begin with a simple meal, during which people can make introductions and begin getting to know one another and Father Mayer will share his story.  The Welcome Dinner will take place at the home of Haitham Habib. Please RSVP to to let us know if you are coming as early as  possible, but no later than April 14th.  For information and directions, visit


Workshop: Which Mass is Best for Evangelization? | April 22  7:00 pm 

at The Salem Centre, 7235 Bentley Rd Jacksonville, FL 

This interactive presentation covers the formation of the Roman Rite of the Mass which is the primary means of evangelization within the Catholic Church. You will learn, how and why the Mass has developed over time, why the Church provided a major reform of the Mass in 1969 and the controversies that resulted, and why the Ordinariate form of the Mass is a highly effective means of evangelization within the English speaking culture. Your mission of evangelization will not be complete without this important presentation. RSVP required due to limited space.  We anticipate this class to fill quickly. Save your spot by emailing or text to 904-999-1423

Bishop Erik Pohlmeier Visiting us on Sunday, July 14, 2024

Just a few days ago I was excited to learn that the Bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine is planning to be with us at the 10:15 AM Mass on second Sunday in July. I invited him to St. James a while back and I know that various parishioners have also extended this same invitation to him. His visit is a great honor for us and a beautiful sign of the catholicity and unity of the Church. I’m excited to show him our beautiful liturgy (he will be praying the Mass in choir, rather than serving as the celebrant) and the vibrancy that you bring to the Mass. I have always been grateful for the support that Bishop Esteves has shown to our community and now I am also grateful to see that same support from Bishop Pohlmeier.


Other Upcoming Dates


Latest Homily

Left the Church? Why Jesus’ Resurrection Brings Hope

Learn why the resurrection is the ultimate answer to those who have left the Catholic Church because of the clergy abuse scandals or other institutional failures. Learn why Jesus’ resurrection brings hope to even the darkest of situations.


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