Dear St. James Family,

This Sunday I am preaching on Last Rites and especially the Anointing of the Sick, one of the most misunderstood sacraments. The Last Rites of the Church provide innumerable graces, consolations and the strength needed to make that great leap from time to eternity. Learn this Sunday about the power of this sacrament, who can get it and when to get it and why earlier is better than later.

Women’s Prayer and Breakfast Meeting: Connect and Grow

Saturday July 15, 9:30-11:00 AM at Beach Diner Mandarin (11362-11 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville). Cathy Messina will present the first chapter of the book, Saint Gianna Molla: Wife, Mother, Doctor, for discussion and reflection. There is no need to read the book or prepare ahead of time. Please let Cathy know by text (415-205-9705) if you are coming so she can arrive early and get a table that will accommodate the group.


The EverMore in Love Weekend Immersion Retreat: July 15-16, 2023

This experience is open to any couple who wants to grow ever more in love regardless of church affiliation, stage of relationship or level of faith! Don’t miss this graced opportunity to experience the wonder of being ever MORE in love. The retreat will be taking place at Christ the King Catholic Church, 742 Arlington Road in Jacksonville. Register now or for more information, call Ron and Kathy Feher at (484) 366-6102.


Learn about Brown Scapular Enrolment: Spiritual Protection, Silent Devotion

Through this sacramental endowed with the prayers of the Church, evil spirits are powerless when the wearer of a scapular faces temptation, calling upon the Holy Virgin. Pious legend holds that on July 16, 1251, the Blessed Mother appeared to St. Simon Stock, gave him the brown scapular and said “in which he that dieth shall not suffer eternal fire; behold the sign of salvation, a safeguard in danger, the covenant of peace and everlasting alliance.” Purchase a brown scapular ahead of time to be blessed and so that you can be enrolled. No worries if you forget as we have a few extras on hand, though supplies are limited.

I purchased for myself one of these scapulars which are guarantied to last at least seven years, though you can also find less expensive ones wherever Catholic goods are sold.


Know a Protestant, Curious Catholic or Secularist or Two? Bring them to my Workshop!

Are you curious to dig into the roots of belief? Learn how the Bible, the most influential book in our culture, was assembled and how this points to the Catholic Church. Dig deeply into history and consider many important events and questions often overlooked. Find hope and insight and a new way of seeing the world. This engaging and presentation is designed to bring us together around this Holy book that is so loved yet misunderstood by many. This evening will be led by myself, Father Mayer, who grew up as a devout Pentecostal, dug into atheism and Hinduism, then served for a time as an Episcopal Priest before joyfully becoming a Catholic Christian. Save your spot at this highly praised workshop while seats are still available. July 17, 6:30 – 8:30 PM at Queen of Angels Catholic Store. Please let me know if you are coming by July 13 so we can place the catered food order: or text 904-999-1423


Big Announcement on St. James’ Sunday: July 23, 2023, 12:00 PM

The St. James Council and I have been working on assembling some big plans for St. James and we would like to get your input, thoughts, and ideas before moving forward. This is the Sunday of the year when we celebrate our patron, St. James the Greater and at 12:00 PM there will be a catered meal and I will be giving the state of the parish address. Please RSVP by July 16 so that we know how much food to have catered.


Anyone up for a Local Trip to Participate in the St. James Procession on the evening of July 25?

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine is officially opening the Camino del Mestizaje, which is an extension of the Camino in Spain where the original St. James pilgrimage is located. As part of this event there will be a procession of the St. James statue beginning at 6:00 PM from the Castillo de San Marcos (1 S. Castillo Drive, St. Augustine) and ending at the Cathedral Basilica with 7 PM Mass. The Historic Florida Militia and the Royal Family of St. Augustine will join representatives of the faith community, city officials and historians in the procession. The public is invited to participate. Read more about the festivities. I thought it might be fun to gather a little from the mission and head down there. If you are up for this, let me know.

The Greatest of Gifts: Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

If you would like me to celebrate a Mass for a special intension, on behalf of someone in great need, a family member, a friend, or a deceased loved one, please complete a Mass Intention envelope or give online. St.  John Paul II emphasized the graces that come when a Mass is offered. “The Church believes that she will be heard, for she prays in union with Christ her Head and Spouse, who takes up this plea of His Bride and joins it to His own redemptive sacrifice.”


Rewards for Substantial Giving – Most Recent Homily

Can giving get you unstuck spiritually? Can giving heal infertility? Jesus said that you must love him more than your family. What does this mean when it comes to finances? Learn about what Jesus taught on giving and the rewards that he promised to generous hearts.

Listen to this and my other homilies at or by searching “Fr. Mayer’s Preaching & Teaching” wherever you get your podcasts

Other Upcoming Dates

  • Festival of St. James: Sunday, July 23, 12:00 PM Food. Mission update.

  • How we Got the Bible Workshop: Monday, August 8, 6:30 PM Presentation for Protestants, Lapsed Catholics, Secularists hosted at the Catholic Store

  • Hannah Park Outing: Saturday, August 8, 2023, 10:30 AM – 2:00 PM

  • Children’s Religious Ed: Sunday, August 13, 11:45 AM, ages 4-13,meets monthly through May 2024. Registration details coming soon

  • Mass for Assumption of Mary: Tuesday, August 15, 5:30 PM Holy day of Obligation

  • Dinner with the Bishop: Saturday Evening, December 9, 2023, Black Tie Event

  • Mass with the Bishop: Sunday, December 10, 2023 8:00 AM & 10:15 AM


Check out More Upcoming Events at the Website

Faithfully, your pastor,

Father Mayer