Dear St. James Family,

Have you ever wondered about that Bible verse that says to think of others as better than yourself (Phil 2:3)? Aren’t we all equal? The great fourth century bishop and preacher St. Augustine said that “almost the whole of Christian teaching is humility.” Humility is the virtue that God finds irresistible in a person. I’ll be preaching on humility this Sunday. Come and learn about what this foundational virtue actually means and how to better live it out in your life.

Candlemas and Catered Meal is Only One Week Away! RSVP by Sunday!

This is a great opportunity to come and support St. James and cheer on this young, vibrant mission. We need your help. Also, I would encourage you to invite a friend or two to come and experience the sacred music, procession, and joyful liturgy of Candlemas and delicious meal to follow. RSVP soon as seating is limited. This Sunday is the RSVP deadline so that we can put in the food order. Ribs, chicken, and pulled pork are all on the menu along with various sides. There will also be mac and cheese and niblet corn which the kids especially like. Everything is being catered in from Publix. Get the full Candlemas details at the website. For more information on the food end of things contact


Throat Blessings on the Eve of St. Blaise

Participate in the annual blessing of the throats, calling on the intercession of St. Blaise against diseases and ailments. It is a longstanding tradition to use blessed candles from Candlemas placed on each side of the neck while a short blessing is given. This custom is in remembrance of St. Blaise, a fourth century Christian physician, who became known for miraculously clearing the throat of a choking boy. By the sixth century St. Blaise’s intercession was being invoked in the east for illnesses related to the throat. By the ninth century, the saint was revered in Europe and went on to become one of the most popular saints in the Middle Ages. Stop by St. James on February 2, between 6:50 PM and 7:15 PM to receive your throat blessing.

Upcoming Dates at a Glance

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Why Unity is at the Heart of the Gospel – Listen to most recent homily

Are you one of those who think that the reason Jesus came to this earth was to forgive sins? There is a bigger reason why he came. Learn about what true unity looks like and how to begin working toward this unity.

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So long for Now

Blessings to you on this memorial of Saints Timothy and Titus, bishops. We remember these two men today because they were beloved spiritual sons of St. Paul and a reminder to all of us to invest in the young. Come on out this Sunday if you are able and cheer on the young mission of St. James! We need your help and support.


Faithfully, your pastor,

Father Mayer