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I’m excited about the homily that I will be sharing with you this Sunday on dealing with anxiety. I’ll be looking at the most effective cure for anxiety, something that scientists are just now discovering, but that has been used in the Catholic Church for two millennia. I’ll be digging into the root of anxiety and sharing with you an often overlooked, but highly effective way of working through and responding to panic attacks, anxiety, and anxiety disorders. Come and join us especially if you or someone that you would like to bring with you suffers from anxiety. Come and find hope.

The Infertile Woman Who Got Pregnant and Other Reasons why You Should Attend Mass for the Assumption this Tuesday, August 15 (Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics)

I will be celebrating Mass for St. James this coming Tuesday, August 15 at 5:30 PM. As I have mentioned before, traffic is rather bad at this time on a weekday so be sure to give yourself a few extra minutes of travel time if you are planning to join us. If this Mass time does not work for you, there are a number of other choices around the diocese of St. Augustine for Mass times.

I know that some Catholics ignore “holy days of obligation,” however, this a great opportunity. The saints teach that there is no faster way to holiness than obedience. Obediently getting to Mass is a great way to grow in humility and (if you were planning on doing something else) self denial. The Lord will surely reward you for your faithfulness in this. I know of one woman who was struggling with infertility and was tempted to skip a particular holy day of obligation, but decided to go anyway. Amazingly, while at the Mass, the Lord warmed her heart and she knew then and there that she was going to have a child. Soon there after she became pregnant. What a great blessing by being open to these gifts, these obligations given to us by the Lord, through the Church.


What Evidence is there for the Assumption of Mary and Why this Teaching Points to Christ and Gives Hope

The Assumption of Mary is the teaching that she was assumed into heaven, body and soul, following her death. However, is there any evidence that this happened? Where is the Assumption found in the Bible? What would be the purpose of Mary being assumed into heaven?

Some Christians have difficulty believing this doctrine because of lack of biblical evidence. Some point to Revelation 12, which seems to possibly allude to Mary’s assumption when it mentions her being given wings. Also St. Paul speaks of Christ’s resurrection as the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep (1 Corinthians 15:20). Is Mary one of the first fruits of the resurrection? Could these occurrences point to her assumption?  

The greatest evidence of the Assumption comes from other historical evidence. Recently, third century Syriac fragments telling the story of the Assumption, have been found. There are historical records of homilies (sermons) on the Assumption going back to the sixth century when this event began to be celebrated especially by Christians in the East. By the thirteenth century, the Assumption of Mary became a universal celebration. One of the greatest historical evidences for this even is that there are no known Marian relics (pieces of bone, hair, etc.), whereas we have relics from all twelve apostles. Historically, there is a good amount of data supporting Mary’s Assumption into heaven.

Why is the Assumption important? This teaching, like all Marian doctrines, points to Christ. It shows that Jesus was the perfect son because he so completely fulfilled the commandment to honor one’s parents. He honored his father in heaven and he honored his earthly mother (who he created), by seeing that she was one of the first to experience the resurrection. Mary’s Assumption points to the work of Christ. It also gives hope to you and me, that we too, one day will experience the resurrection of the body.


Parents and Pizza – Get Oriented this Sunday, August 13, 12:00 PM

  • Introductions: I am looking forward to introducing you to our family ministry team this Sunday and answering questions about upcoming plans for our monthly children’s program: August 13, 12:00 PM.

  • RSVP for Pizza: Because there will be pizza, please RSVP with Colleen ( no later than tomorrow (Friday, August 11) if you will be joining us so that we know how much pizza to order.

  • Exciting Plans: Come and learn about how we are implementing the best available elementary and middle school programs that are out there from Life Teen and Sophia Press, and also how we are keeping your kids safe. This is a great opportunity to connect with other parents and to provide our children with opportunity for friendships and formation.

  • Register: Here is the children’s ministry page so you can learn more and register if you have not done so already. Thanks.  



Women’s Prayer and Breakfast Meeting: Connect and Grow

Saturday August 26, 9:30-11:00 AM at Beach Diner Mandarin (11362-11 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville). Cathy Messina will present the first chapter of the book, Saint Gianna Molla: Wife, Mother, Doctor, for discussion and reflection. There is no need to read the book or prepare ahead of time. Please let Cathy know by text (415-205-9705) if you are coming so she can arrive early and get a table that will accommodate the group.


Retreat Opportunity: Friday, August 25 – Sunday, August 27, 2023

Experience healing from brokenness through prayer, fellowship, and teaching. Blessed Trinity Shrine Retreat, Ft. Mitchell, Alabama. $200 per person. Learn more.


Healing the Pain of Abortion

A Rachel’s Vineyard weekend retreat is a beautiful opportunity for any man or woman who is struggling with the emotional and spiritual pain of an abortion in their life. Come and receive peace, forgiveness of self and others and the compassion of God. These retreats are private, strictly confidential and for people of all faiths. The next English retreat will be on September 8-10, 2023 and Spanish retreat will be October 6-8, 2023. For more information call 904-221-3232 or email All calls & inquiries are very confidential. Come and be restored!


So, You think God Spoke to You? – Most Recent Homily

Much harm has come to the body of Christ from those who had a divine experience and they were not prepared to respond or they became prideful because of this experience. What do you do if it appears that God is telling you one thing and the Church is telling you another? Learn from the wisdom of our Lord as he taught some of his closest disciples following their own divine experience when Christ was Transfigured before them.

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Other Upcoming Dates

  • Prayer and Potluck: Sunday, September 10, 4-6 PM. Learn how to pray the liturgy of the hours. Connect over good food!

  • New Attender’s Dinner: Tentatively planned for September 17, 4 PM Learn about the history and vision of St. James and how to get involved

  • Dinner with the Bishop: Saturday Evening, December 9, 2023, Black Tie Event

  • Mass with the Bishop: Sunday, December 10, 2023 8:00 AM & 10:15 AM


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Father Mayer