Dear St. James Family,

If you have any unwanted blessed items (old Bibles, broken roseries, etc.), remember to join us tomorrow evening for Mass and Holy Burning. Or even if you don’t, come anyway and learn why I consider St. John the Baptist to be the third greatest saint of all time :-). It may be a bit rainy so bring an umbrella, which you may need for the procession outside after the Mass to the place of burning. Also, last year when we did this it was 104 degrees outside, so this year we are providing freezy pops for your mouth cooling pleasure following the Mass :-).

I have had a number of Catholics ask me about how we as a Church should be responding to all of the Pride Month Festivities that take place during June. So, this Sunday I am preaching a message titled LGBTQ: A Guide for Conservative Catholics. I will sharing about why Pope Francis’ bold pastoral and welcoming approach toward the LGBTQ community is the right one. I know that this is something that many struggle with and that they see as a watering down of the truth of the faith. So, if this is you or someone you know, come this Sunday and learn why Pope Francis is leading the Church in this way and why this is actually the best way to convey the truth about the faith.

My New Office Location: 4161 Carmichael Ave # 143 Jacksonville

Up until recently I have been officing at Assumption Catholic Church, but due to growth in their staff I have moved to a new office. I am grateful to the kindness of Assumption Parishioner Charlie Nuzum, the owner of Frye Insurance for renting office space to me at a generously discounted rate. So far I am loving the new office and especially the people that I get to see here each day who have been so warm and welcoming to me. The location is almost within walking distance of the St. James Parsonage (my house), which makes it very convenient. I consider having a quiet place to think, work, and meet with people as one of the most important tools in my belt and so I am grateful for the Lord’s provision.


Name Tag Sunday: June 25, 2023

Yes, it has come around once again. This Sunday is the last Sunday of the month, your Sunday of redemption when you get to find out the name of that person who introduced himself to you a while back and you had a great conversation and then then you completely forgot his name. No worries. This is the Sunday of salvation. Everyone will have a name tag. Join us this Sunday with a sticker on your chest in order to build this vibrant and always welcoming community.


Solemnity of St. James: Food and State of the Mission Address by Myself

Be sure to mark your calendar for Sunday, July 23, 2023 when we will be celebrating St. James the Greater, our patron of title. Please RSVP for the meal as soon as possible, but no later than July 16 so that we know how much food to purchase. We will be celebrating the Lord’s blessings at St. James over the past year and looking forward to what is to come. During the meal I will be giving the annual State of the Mission address. You will not want to miss this. The meal is planned to begin at noon.


The EverMore in Love Weekend Immersion Retreat: July 15-16, 2023

This experience is open to any couple who wants to grow ever more in love regardless of church affiliation, stage of relationship or level of faith! Don’t miss this graced opportunity to experience the wonder of being ever MORE in love. The retreat will be taking place at Christ the King Catholic Church, 742 Arlington Road in Jacksonville. Register now or for more information, call Ron and Kathy Feher at (484) 366-6102.

Other Upcoming Dates

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Faithfully, your pastor,

Father Mayer